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Next to Normal

Diana Goodman

Next to Normal

"And Rachel Lucille Hertenstein as Diana - DAYUUMMMMM. Just so, so, good. Everything about Rachel's performance felt professional and sincere, from the intentionality of her movement to the depth of her emotions. She had range for days, and nothing was skin-deep - she absolutely radiated joy, silliness, emptiness, grief, despair. Brava, truly!"

- Erik Bobbit, Local Artist

"When I met Rachel at callbacks I knew she was something special. She GOT IN MY FACE during the audition. I thought to myself "What a firecracker." but knowing her now she is so much more. Not only can she sing the phonebook but her take on Diana is unique. She brings a tenderness and soul to her unlike anyone I have seen. This is an actress who understands layers. Her Diana isn't just a screaming, yelling, maniacal creature but one who is vulnerable and wants so much to show her love of the people she is surrounded by but doesn't quite know how. Rachel is going to astound you with her talent."
-Brent Fabian, "Dan"

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